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No matter how challenging the material – We can move it

Pneumatic conveying offers an efficient and cost-effective solution for transporting materials in the process industry.

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It’s a simple concept: materials flow through pipes driven by air. Yet, when faced with long distances, fine materials, high capacities, and the energy demands of air generation, the process becomes more complex.

Our commitment is to streamline this process, ensuring materials are moved with minimal air, maximizing efficiency and sustainability.

With almost five decades of experience, Kopar stands at the forefront of pneumatic conveying solutions. Our journey, marked by hands-on learning and meticulous experimentation, has equipped us with the knowledge to tailor the ideal transport method for each material.

Our pilot plant plays a crucial role in this, allowing us to test materials and their behaviour during transport. Our objective is clear: to help our clients maintain seamless operations while reducing their expenses, ensuring that the quality and integrity of their operations are not compromised.

At Kopar, we recognize the importance of safety and compliance in manufacturing. Our production adheres to the Pressure Equipment Directive (PED) to guarantee the safety of pressure equipment, and we meet the stringent ASME Boiler & Pressure Vessel Code requirements. Our commitment is to engineer safety into every piece of equipment we produce, aiming to mitigate the risk of accidents.

Our expertise extends to the design and manufacturing of piping, bends, and cupola valves, all crafted for ease of maintenance.

We are dedicated to managing the entire bulk material handling process with the utmost efficiency, utilizing cutting-edge technology, sustainable practices, and energy-efficient methods. We keep operational expenses, maintainability, and total cost of ownership at the core of our business strategy.

By selecting the appropriate conveying method—be it pulse dense phase, dilute phase, or blower conveying—we can transport materials up to 1 km, handle capacities up to 200 tons per hour and ensure smooth flow even when materials are prone to caking.

The key lies in understanding the unique properties of the material in question, and with our experience and testing capabilities, we can navigate even the most challenging of materials.

Transportation of materials

up to 1 km

Handling capacities up to

200 t/h


48 years

The technologies we use for pneumatic conveying

High Pressure Conveying
Pulse dense phase or dilute phase. Distances <300m up to 1000m

Blower conveyor

Low Pressure Conveying
Blower conveying in dilute phase. For softer materials. High velocity.

Lance Injection Combining pressure and blower conveying for special applications in smelters.

Kopar Cupola valves

Cupola Valves
When resistance to high wear and tear, high pressures or hot conditions is required.

Pipeline Solutions
To secure efficient bulk material conveying with a proper pipeline desing.

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