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Pneumatic Conveying / cupola valves

Cupola Valves – Designed to last

The Kopar Cupola valves are ideal for solutions that require valves resistant to high wear and tear, high pressures, or hot conditions.

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Our cupola valves are most typically used as a feeding valve in pneumatic conveying. They are completely dust-proof, so even highly abrasive materials such as sand, cement or ash can be conveyed with high capacity without the fear of dust flying around.

Designed to withstand 10 bar pressures, our cupola valves are made to last. High wear and tear is no problem for this robust valve. Even hot conditions or ATEX environments are no match for our cupola valves.

We have developed our cupola valves for decades and we continuously improve them based on the experience we receive from our customers’ needs and different behaviour of materials. Over 400 manufactured cupola valves are already feeding material around the world. Let us make your material flow better too!

Suitable usage cases for cupola valves

Cupola valves are best suited for energy and power industries, pulp and paper plants, metallurgy, minerals and chemicals. The suitable solutions to pump through the valve include:

  • concentrates
  • metallurgic dusts
  • asphaltene
  • bottom ash and fly ash
  • lime and limestone
    • sand
    • sulphates
    • oxides
    • soy
    • pigments

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Cupola valves are at their best when you use them with our other solutions. Read more about our pressure injectors and pipeline components.

Typical features of Kopar Cupola Valves:

Pressure (bar)

max. 10

Operational temperature (°C)

0… +250

Max. operating temperature with cooling (°C)


Keep you facility running

Kopar Cupola valves

Technical specifications

The valve solution consists of an upper buffer bin (optional), a cupola valve, a pressure vessel, and a control unit. The material flows to the pressure vessel, and when it is filled, the cupola valve closes and conveying sequence starts until the vessel is empty.

Used materials are carbon steel, wear-resistant steel, acid-proof stainless steel or stainless steel.

Standard sizes, Inlet size (DN):
K100T, K200T, K300T
Fitted with adapter from DN65 to DN300

Solution that assures high availability

Kopar Cupola Valves are highly durable, but in case of a failure or an everyday need for servicing, the valve can be changed within an hour, and your facility is up and running again. With our solutions, there is no need for significant scale shutdowns.

Kopar Cupola valves can also be retrofitted to current systems. They are easily installed and connected with existing automation systems. They are at best in demanding applications where tightness is essential and handled bulk materials abrasive.

One of the major advantages of a cupola valve is that it opens up completely in the material flow and therefore wearing is moderate.

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