wet unloading system

PNEUMATIC CONVEYING / Wet unloading system

Wet unloading system for dusty processes

Our unique wet unloading system assures a dust-free unloading of extremely dry material. It overcomes the typical dusting issues that are not only environmental, but also hygienic.  

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Silos typically store extremely dry material, such as fly ash. The material is often unloaded for further transportation outside the site by open trucks, which results in vigorous dusting. This problem can be overcome by wet unloading.

We have developed a special device that sprays water in a controlled manner. It allows for adjusting the moisture content in the final product to a proper level to prevent dusting. A single device can handle 75 to 100 m3/h.

Our wet unloading system is suited for facilities where material is unloaded to an open truck through an open material handling system. The system is easy to operate. There is no need for dedicated personnel as the driver can use the unloading system remotely.

Suitable usage cases

  • Energy and power industry: Wetting of fly ash at unloading
  • Chemical & mineral industry: Mixing of fine dry materials with moist residue
  • Metal industry: Stabilization of landfilled wastes

Typical specifications of our wet unloading system:

Capacity (m3/h)


Operational Temperature (t/h)

Over 50



High capacity with flexibility

wet unloading system

A vertical device for limited space

To supplement our product portfolio and give flexibility for layout, we have also co-developed a patented product that uses gravity whilst the material drops downward. It adds water or steam simultaneously through rotating paddles. The use of steam brings benefits, such as the homogeneous final moisture level. The vertical mixer/wetting device has a practically equal design basis for the capacity but in a smaller space.

Mixing function without water addition

Both mixers can also be used for pure mixing purposes, e.g., mixing dry and/or wet material streams together to form a reasonably homogeneous mixture. This can easily be applied for stabilizing final waste before permanent landfilling.

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