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Specifically designed for powdered materials

Kopar’s drag chain conveyor solutions are ideal for transporting powdery, dusty, or granular materials. Our special expertise lies in handling of demanding materials, either hot or abrasive.

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Drag chain conveyors offer various options for handling materials, accommodating substances like concentrates, sand, fly ash, lime, and flue dust. These conveyors are frequently utilized in industries such as smelting, power generation, pulp & paper, and chemicals. We can design a solution around your transportation needs in any industry.

Our drag chain conveyors are a blend of efficiency and durability. The Drive End is designed with a split sprocket and heavy-duty bearings for effortless maintenance. At the Tail End, a robust chain tensioning system guarantees smooth operation. The Trough Sections, crafted from wear-resistant steel, adapt to specific needs, ensuring durable performance. Our engineering team is dedicated to providing swift servicing, modernizations, and revamps to minimize production downtime. We strive for minimal maintenance requirements and the lowest total cost of ownership across all our products.

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Typical features of Kopar’s drag chain conveyors:


0 – 300


up to

Operational temperature (°C)

up to 700

Inclination angle for assembly (°)

up to

Designed to last in the toughest conditions

Built to last

Depending on the conveyor chain material, the drag chain conveyor can handle also very hot materials efficiently and safely up to 700°C in continuous operations.

Original Kopar Drag Chain Conveyor is always equipped with a boron steel chain. This special drag chain, manufactured in-house in Finland, has far better resilience than more commonly used manganese steel chains.

Kopar boron steel forged conveyor chains are almost through hardened and hence maintain their strength and abrasion resistance extremely well. The lifetime of a boron drag chain (27MnCrB5) can be triple the lifetime of a manganese chain (20MnCr5).

It is worth noticing that Kopar has its own manufacturing for the chain links, and we can assist you in selecting always the most suitable links, pins and sprockets for any application.

For special cases the forged chains can also be manufactured of heat-resistant steel (e.g. W1.4713) or stainless steel (e.g. AISI420).

Safe operation

Kopar Drag Chain Conveyors can also be designed to endure potentially explosive environments with ATEX 21 and 22 zones. For chain conveyors we can currently offer the Procedure for Acknowledgement of Receipt ATEX 21/22.

One of our special applications is a wet drag chain conveyor that makes bottom ash and slag handling easy and safe.

When drag chain conveyor is equipped with water cooling, it can cool down the conveyed material simultaneously and at the same time cooling protects the conveyor itself from the exposed heat.

The construction material of a drag chain conveyor is typically carbon steel but conveyors can also be manufactured of heat-resistant steel or stainless steel.

For inside components different steel grades are used, based on the characteristics of transported material and the atmospheric conditions that prevail in the conveyor.

Drag Chain Conveyor casing can also be constructed from stainless or acid proof steels but usually in those cases the wearing parts are still made from wear resistant steel. 

Suitable solution

Decades of experience with hot and abrasive bulk materials handled in non-ferrous smelters, power plants and various chemical plants have given us the confidence in finding the suitable solutions for even the most demanding applications.

At Kopar we optimize industrial processes by designing and manufacturing solutions for material handling and conveying that are superior in terms of performance and durability. Our goal is to lighten the environmental burden of the industrial processes through more economical energy usage, longer life cycle of our products and less need for maintenance.

It is our passion to help you make your operations more profitable and more reliable.

We look forward to finding solutions for your challenges, no matter how demanding they are.

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