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How to choose the right forged conveyor chains?

Understanding the Importance of Material Selection

When it comes to selecting the right forged conveyor chains for industrial applications, understanding the importance of material selection is paramount. The choice of material directly impacts the performance and cost-effectiveness of your conveying system. While case-hardened manganese steel (20MnCr5, EN 1.7147) is a popular choice due to its affordability, it’s essential to consider the total cost of ownership rather than just the initial purchase price.

We advocate for the use of tempering steel with boron addition (27MnCrB5, EN 1.7182) because of its superior performance and the clear benefits it brings to users. This material can significantly extend the service life of conveyor chains, leading to substantial savings in both financial and time resources. For specialized applications, we also offer chains made from stainless steel (AISI 420, EN 1.4034) and heat-resistant steel (1.4713) for environments with harsh chemical conditions or continuous high-temperature operations.

Customization for Optimal Performance

Tailor-made industrial chains are not just about meeting the demands set by your process and conditions; they are about ensuring the lowest operational costs (OPEX) and the lowest total costs of ownership. Customization allows for a precise fit for your specific needs, which is crucial in achieving optimal performance and efficiency. By working closely with our clients, we can design and manufacture chains that are perfectly suited to the unique challenges of their operations.

Our commitment to customization extends to providing solutions for the most demanding conditions. Our drag chain conveyors are smelter proven, capable of withstanding hot, abrasive, and dusty materials that would compromise other systems. By offering a range of conveying solutions, including screw conveyors, elevators, and excavators, we ensure that our clients have access to the most versatile and robust equipment for their material handling needs.

Maximizing Chain Life Through Maintenance

Continuous maintenance and anticipation are key to keeping your drag chain conveyors running smoothly without unplanned stops. We have developed a practical tool to measure chain elongation easily and frequently. This simple yet effective procedure helps guarantee the maximum service life of the chain and minimizes the risk of breakage and unplanned corrective maintenance.

We recommend changing the chains when the elongation has reached 2.8%. It is equally important to replace the sprockets simultaneously to ensure optimal operation of your process. By adhering to these maintenance guidelines, you can maintain the integrity of your conveying system and prevent costly downtime.

Assessing Total Cost of Ownership

When choosing the right forged conveyor chains, it’s crucial to assess the total cost of ownership rather than focusing solely on the initial cost. This comprehensive approach takes into account all expenses associated with the chain over its entire lifecycle, including maintenance, replacements, and potential downtime. By considering these factors, you can make a more informed decision that will benefit your operation in the long run.

Our boron steel chains, although slightly more expensive upfront, offer double, triple, or even quadruple the service life compared to traditional manganese chains. This extended durability translates into significant savings, making them a wise investment for any operation looking to reduce its total cost of ownership.

Choosing the Right Partner for Your Conveying Needs

Selecting the right forged conveyor chains is just one part of the equation. Equally important is choosing the right partner to supply and support your conveying needs. A reliable partner will not only provide high-quality chains but also offer expert advice, customization options, and ongoing support to ensure your conveying systems operate at peak efficiency.

We pride ourselves on our expertise in handling and conveying challenging materials in the process industry. Our solutions are designed to withstand the toughest conditions, and our team is committed to working with you every step of the way to ensure your conveying systems meet and exceed your expectations.

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