Bucket elevator applications in different industries

Efficient Material Handling in Heavy Industries

Material handling is a critical component in the heavy industry sector, where the movement of bulk materials is a regular necessity. The efficiency of these operations can significantly impact productivity and operational costs. We specialize in providing solutions that cater to the rigorous demands of handling and conveying hot, abrasive, and challenging materials. Our bucket elevators are a testament to this, designed to handle large volumes of materials with ease, ensuring a seamless flow within the production process.

Our bucket elevators are particularly beneficial in industries where space is at a premium. Unlike other conveying systems, our elevators use vertical space efficiently, allowing for higher capacity within a smaller footprint. This is especially advantageous in facilities where expansion horizontally is limited or not feasible. The ability to cover the system also means that materials are protected from external conditions, preserving their quality and preventing contamination.

Customized Solutions for Mining and Minerals

The mining and minerals sector demands equipment that can withstand harsh conditions while transporting materials such as ores, crushed stones, and sand. Our bucket elevators are engineered to meet these challenges, offering robust and reliable vertical conveying solutions. The choice between belt-driven and chain-driven systems allows for customization based on material characteristics and temperature requirements, ensuring optimal performance in even the most demanding environments.

For materials with a continuous bulk temperature of up to 200°C, our belt-driven bucket elevators provide a cost-effective and durable solution with higher capacities due to the increased speed of the buckets. On the other hand, our chain-driven bucket elevators are capable of handling continuous material temperatures up to 450°C, making them suitable for the extreme conditions often encountered in mining operations.

Advancing Construction Material Transportation

In the construction industry, the transportation of bulk materials like cement, gravel, and gypsum is essential. Our bucket elevators streamline these processes, offering a high-capacity vertical conveying solution that can move substantial volumes of material efficiently. The modular design of our systems ensures that they can be integrated into existing operations with minimal disruption, providing a scalable solution that grows with your project demands.

Our in-house manufactured forged conveyor chain is a key component in our chain-driven bucket elevators, providing exceptional durability and reliability. This attention to detail and quality ensures that our elevators can handle the abrasive nature of construction materials, reducing maintenance requirements and enhancing overall system performance.

Optimizing Energy and Power Facilities

Energy and power plants often deal with the movement of coal, ash, and other bulk materials that require careful handling to maintain efficiency and safety standards. Our bucket elevators are designed to address these needs, providing a secure and efficient way to transport materials vertically. The ability to withstand high temperatures makes our elevators particularly suited for environments where materials are processed at elevated temperatures.

With the capability to support up to 300 t/h and operate at temperatures as high as 600°C, our elevators are not just conveyors but vital components in the energy production chain. Their robust construction and ability to handle steep inclination angles make them an indispensable part of the material handling infrastructure in power facilities.

Enhancing Cement Production Efficiency

The cement industry requires the constant movement of raw materials like limestone, clinker, and fly ash. Our bucket elevators are integral to the production process, offering a reliable method for vertical transportation that keeps pace with the high throughput demands of cement plants. The durability of our systems ensures that they can handle the abrasive nature of these materials without compromising on efficiency.

Our solutions are tailored to the specific needs of the cement industry, with both belt-driven and chain-driven options available to accommodate different material temperatures and capacities. This level of customization ensures that our bucket elevators can be seamlessly integrated into cement production operations, enhancing overall productivity and reducing downtime.

Supporting the Metal Processing Industry

Metal processing facilities often involve the handling of hot, abrasive materials such as metal ores and foundry sands. Our bucket elevators are engineered to withstand these challenging conditions, providing a reliable vertical conveying solution that maintains the integrity of the materials. The high-temperature tolerance of our chain-driven elevators makes them particularly suitable for metal processing applications where materials are often heated to extreme temperatures.

The modular design of our systems, combined with our expertise in handling tough materials, ensures that our bucket elevators can be adapted to the unique requirements of metal processing plants. This adaptability not only improves material handling efficiency but also contributes to the longevity of the equipment, reducing the total cost of ownership and operational expenses.


Vertical conveying solutions are essential across various industries, and our bucket elevators stand out as a versatile and efficient option. By understanding the specific needs of each sector, we provide customized solutions that enhance productivity, reduce maintenance, and ensure the safe and effective transportation of materials. Whether it’s handling high-temperature materials in the mining sector or accommodating the high-capacity demands of the cement industry, our bucket elevators are designed to deliver unparalleled performance.

At Kopar, we are committed to innovation and excellence in material handling. Our focus on durability, operational efficiency, and tailored solutions makes us a leader in mechanical conveying systems. For more information on how our bucket elevators can benefit your industry, we invite you to reach out and explore the possibilities with us.

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